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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 15, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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the american league. ramirez taking the bag on kimbrel. if you're playing for three-straight hits for kimbrel to score a run, that's not going to happen too often. get yourself now to score on a bloop. >> joe: runner at second with one out and a 1-2 count on moss. who strikes out. two down. the mlb fan cave is back. check out the latest cave happenings, at follow @mlbfancave on twitter. and like mlb fan cave on facebook. and first two at-bats for ian kinsler, who replaced his teammate. kinsler takes over for v-mart.
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victor martinez, out with an oblique strain. kinsler gets the nod and takes the strike. >> harold: a nice transition to the tigers. you don't see that often. >> tom: give him credit. he worked hard in the off-season. dropped about 15 or 20 pounds. he knew he was going to a bigger park at detroit than what he had in texas. in order to get back to a guy who sprayed the ball around. had gas power, as opposed to texas, such a back leg hitter. let it fly in that ballpark, with the home run ball. >> joe: you see the numbers and what kinsler's done in the american league, with now the detroit tigers, long time with the texas rangers. braden phillips has done his damage in the national league.
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he's hurt. yadier molina had surgery on his right thumb. and within hours, it was brandon phillips having surgery on a left thumb. and that's a big piece of the puzzle not there for the reds. ramirez, at second. two out. 1-2, the count. spoiled the pitch. >> harold: that right there is something that he was not doing last year. he didn't really look to shoot a ball at the right side. and that would have been a pitch he would never be able to fall off. just stayed in there and bunt that off for another pitch. >> tom: saw abreu on-deck. kimbrel is finding a way to extending this inning. >> joe: fourth all-star game for kinsler. he checked his swing. he went. and the inning is over. so, kimbrel pitches a scoreless seventh. we go into the eighth inning in minneapolis, at target field. national league will bat. down two.
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>> joe: part of the reason they're successful, i'm convinced. jeff samardzija talked to him before the game. he's the new a's. and he said the only rule is to win. and he asked the guys, when they got there, what do we wear on the road. and they said, well, what do you mean? well, do we have to wear suits? do we have to wear sport coats? no. you're with the a's now. you have to win and have fun. and sean doolittle takes over. you saw kinsler at second, aybar at short. and now, it's doolittle's game. >> tom: and there was no arms
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twisted to produce that video there. >> joe: they volunteered. this is starlin castro. part of the cornerstone pieces for the chicago cubs. their two all-stars here. castro at short, and rizzo at first. otherwise, they are extremely young and getting younger, like with the samardzija/hammel trade, to the a's, they're building up kids in the minor leagues. these guys have to be the pieces at the big league level. >> tom: they are foundation pieces. and rizzo is a born leader. when this team is ready to win, the kind of player you want. and, harold, you know, the cubs got a lot of attention in the futures game. that's where the talent is right now. >> harold: no doubt. >> joe: the 1-2. fouled back. good rip by castro. >> harold: that said, you look at the foundation of what the cubs have been doing. i don't know how long starlin castro stays a cub. you look at russell coming. all these minor league shortstops. i don't know.
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he's a piece that might move. >> joe: if they don't move him to another organization. they can move him to another position. there's a strikeout for out number one. you talk about october, and talk about the postseason in 2014. the excitement and drama. baseball's postseason, a new home beginning this october. foxsports1 brings you coverage of the division and championship series. don't miss the mlb playoffs, this october, foxsports1. top of the eighth inning, after the strikeout of castro, here's freddie freeman. ball one from doolittle, who doesn't walk anybody. and that's not that big of an exaggeration. his strikeout to walk ratio is over 30/1. 63 strikeouts, 2 walks.
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>> tom: the first pitch was a rare slider for doolittle. he can live with that fastball. smart decision against freddie freeman. one of the great first pitch hitters in baseball. most likely, attack from here on out against freeman. >> joe: one ball, one strike, one out and nobody on. hard hit, right side, base hit. freeman is on. and the tying run will come to the plate here in the eighth. a little bit of a slider. i'm with you. here's my fastball, challenge it. freddie, you see the break right there. he is able to hook it through. right off the end there stayed with it. this guy, someday, is going to win the battle title. we talk about that a lot. but because he has such ability to drive the ball around the ballpark, left field, right field lines.
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that gives him a shot. >> joe: all-star game at-bat for anthony rizzo. hit 20 home runs. that's three shy of his career high. and the regime that's now in chicago, has picked this guy up three times. >> harold: you're right. >> joe: with the gm in boston, when rizzo was there. hoyer, who left boston, he trades for rizzo. and those two guys are in chicago. and they bring him to the cubs. they obviously like him. >> tom: i think makeup is a huge part of that. if you love the left-handed power, who wouldn't? but they know about this makeup from the time he was in high school and they drafted him. off the charts. >> joe: the count, 1-2, with frazier on-deck. home run threat.
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a guy who has 20. one on, one out. fouled left side. that's a good rip by rizzo. >> harold: he had a battle with cancer. they love his personality, his makeup, and the toughness to get through that. that's why they kept trading for him. they knew the potential was there. you spend time around him, one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. >> joe: a strikeout for out number two. rizzo goes down swinging, two out in the eighth. >> tom: fastball above the hands. he can live on the fastball alone. it creates a nice angle. >> joe: we'll have a pitching change. john farrell will go to his bullpen. fernando rodney ready to go. todd frazier, right-handed batter, coming up, in a two-run
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part of the good pitching staff in seattle. according to robinson cano, he handles that bullpen. makes sure those guys do things in the right way, out in seattle. and he deals with todd frazier. tying run at the plate. ball one inside. 89 miles per hour. first all-star game for todd frazier. 19 home runs at the break. upstairs. and the count, 2-0. 19 home runs, fifth-most, by a cincinnati reds infielder since 1970, at the break. outside, 3-0, with murphy on-deck. daniel murphy, good hitter from the mets.
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count is 3-0, on frazier. and a four-pitch walk from rodney, right out of the bullpen, puts two on. >> harold: one of the things with fernando rodney, i think he's tougher on left-handers than right. >> joe: he gets a chance to face a left-hander here, with daniel murphy. he's tied for third in the national league with his 113 hits. >> harold: the guy can really hit. and he's worked his tail off to become a second baseman, too, to find a position to play. >> joe: there's a strike from rodney. extra base hit could tie this in the eighth. >> tom: could see the dough and arrow for rodney. that's reserved for saving the
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last out of the game. that drops in for a strike. 0-2. >> harold: that's the equalizer. when he gets the velocity going and drops the change-up on you, that's a good pitch. circle change. left it up. but you don't recognize it if you haven't seen it before. >> joe: if you haven't seen it before, as this ball is going to head out of play. he has the hat cocked to the side. and he believes, not only is his style but it bothers the hitter. i don't know if you're going to buy that. but that's one of the reasons why he does it. it looks off for a hitter when they look at the pitcher and the bill of the cap is pointing down the first baseline. >> harold: turn it around, and the hitter would be blind. >> joe: murphy strikes out. and there it is. there's your answer.
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different. it will be the four, five and six hitters. that means the rookie that leads baseball, jose abreu. dealing with the new pitcher, the left-hander, watson. harrison is there. one out. and we go down for an interesting report from ken rosenthal. >> ken: some interesting comments by adam wainwright after he left the game to a group of reporters. he basically admitted he threw a pitch to jeter intentionally, meaning he wanted him to hit it. the quote was, i was going to give him a couple of pipe shots. he deserved it. i didn't know he was going to hit a double or i might have changed my mind. >> joe: kenny, thank you. we will hear from adam wainwright on the other side of the break. watson comes in, throws one pitch, gets an out. here comes chapman, in the bottom of the eighth. a powerful thing.
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>> joe: the hard-throwing, really unbelievable story of aroldis chapman, as he takes over in the bottom of the eighth inning, in a two-run game. hit in the face by a line drive, toward the end of spring training. and had to have a plate inserted above his left eye. and they had to open his head from ear-to-ear. he's come back. hasn't looked back. very brave man. he has been absolutely dominant for the cincinnati reds. he's been smiling at his fellow countryman, yoenis cespedes. as he misses at 100, with ball one. >> tom: just get loose. >> joe: and cespedes is smiling back. nice moment. abreu, cuban-born first baseman. flyout. and cespedes grounds out.
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and will go down to the dugout. we remember the news brought by ken rosenthal about adam wainwrig wainwright, saying he was going to throw jeter a couple of pitches he could handle. that was pitch number two that went for the double. let's go to erin andrews. >> erin: adam wainwright is watching this video with me right now. come on. 94. 87. that's ridiculous. the comments he made to the reporters after you pitched, what was that all about? >> you know what, sometimes my humor gets taken the wrong way. i feel terrible about this. if anyone's taking any credit away from what derek jeter has done tonight or off me or anything. it was meant that i -- i made a mistake by that. i hope people realize i'm not intentionally giving up hits out there. i know this game means something. i guess people think i'm trying to give up home runs to miguel cabrera, too, next.
8:26 pm
no. i mean, i'm very competitive. and i think i said yesterday, i did not want derek jeter to get a hit. i said it today, even, before i pitched. so, i don't know. i just -- it's a distraction. and i do not want to be a distraction. i want it to be all for derek. thinking that's taken away from his moment, i sincerely apologize. at no point in my career have a i gone out and given up hits. >> erin: we appreciate you clearing that up. don't you love social media? >> i don't love social media. >> joe: well done. well said by adam wainwright. jeter would not have liked that, either. we go to the ninth. 5-3, climbing ♪ ♪ twisting, turning further from my home ♪ ♪ young, like a new moon rising ♪ ♪ fierce, through the rain and lightning ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ getting together for a great cause: priceless spend $10 or more with your mastercard when you dine out and mastercard will donate up to 4 million dollars to stand up to cancer, one precious cent at a time. >> joe: it is a new battery, for the american league, trying to close this one out. a 5-3 ninth inning. kurt suzuki is in to catch. and he is catching glen perkins, the local guy. no to close it. he can crank it. and he fires a strike. these fans love it. it could not have worked better for the a.l. and john farrell. this is what he hoped would happen. >> tom: he's some kind of script
8:30 pm
writer, isn't he, john farrell? this is the situation he wanted. >> joe: miguel montero. flies one into left center field. to his right to make the catch, is brantley. one away. >> harold: this is a great story here. i want to go back to the last half inning real quick. we'll come back to the story on perkins. watching chapman, looks like he gets hurt. he comes up gingerly on this play. i know the trainers talked to him after the game. someone has to follow up on. he's having a tough time getting over there, joe. >> joe: that's something for the reds to worry about, going into the second half. cincinnati, at the break, just a game and a half out, behind milwaukee. here's harrisson. 0 for 1. they gave chapman a visit down in the dugout. said he was all right. that will be a story coming out of thi


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